Charity Events

Do you need help fundraising?

Are you organizing a charity or corporate fundraising event and need assistance in obtaining items for a silent or live auction? We have plenty of experience working with local charities and organizations helping to raise much needed funds and adding an extra element of entertainment to an event.

How can we help you?

We supply quality sporting and entertainment memorabilia and our music and icon inspired artworks on a sale or return basis for auctions and simply take our reserve price. ALL funds raised above the reserve go to the fund or charity. There is absolutely no risk and no cost to the event organisers. We will provide you with a unique mix of items carefully selected for the event audience.

We offer a reliable, professional, on the ground service, for example by providing auctioneers notes to go with the live auction in order to give the best possible description of the item and help obtain the best possible price at auction. For silent auctions we can provide bid sheets and fully staff the event.

With our support, event organisers have the auction taken care of without adding to their workload. We set up the auction tables and follow up with successful bidders after the event. We will arrange payment for, and delivery of, the items with all the winning bidders and aim to hand the organisers a cheque for the funds raised within two weeks of the event.

Contact us for more information

Whether you need an extensive auction selection or just a few key items for fundraising please contact us on +65 6735 4550 or at