Title: Liza Jane by Davie Jones
Artist: Morgan Howell
Medium: printed canvas sleeve with vinyl & printed paper disc insert
Dimensions: 81 x 81 cms


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‘Liza Jane’ was the first recording to be released as a single by the 17 year old David Bowie, but under the name Davie Jones with the King Bees. Bowie came in touch with Leslie Conn, who became The King Bees' manager and promoter in 1964, and they recorded and released ‘Liza Jane’ as a single for the Decca Records label Vocalion Pop. Despite heavy promotion on Juke Box Jury, Ready Steady Go! and The Beat Room, the single sold poorly and the band were subsequently dropped from the label. Conn now in Majorca, was one day on the phone with his mother who wanted to get rid of a few hundred copies of ‘Liza Jane’ that were stored in her garage. They agreed to throw them away.